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This recipe is basically a fried rice sort of deal, substituting quinoa for rice. The add ins I use give a more Latin/Southwestern spice/flavor instead of an Asian one, but. The base recipe for fried quinoa instead of rice can be used with any substitutions you wish, so that bit is up to you. I’ll…


A Beautiful Face by thrumyeye


i loved this scene so much


Saving just one pet won’t change the world, but the world will change for that one pet.

Shelter Stories by ©MuttsComics - Patrick McDonnell


This post is eveeeeeeeerything


The most important vine of Summer 2014 has arrived.

Here are the other things you had to see online this week:

—Sean, Sideshow

other country: wow we solved drug crimes by doing this and the problem is practically completely resolved
america: there is just no stopping the war on drugs........
other country: we have the most successful schools because we implement these rules to encourage real learning
america: no hope....... kids just cant cut it anymore........
other country: gun related crime is all but non existent thanks to our restrictions
america: wow..... if only there was some way to stop these shootings before they happened..............
other country: nothing bad has happened as a result of our equal marriage/bathroom laws for lgbt
america: if only there was a way.............................